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Why go gas?

Save up to 25% on your monthly electricity bill!

Instant Hot Water

A gas geyser provides hot water on-demand without your family ever having to experience a cold shower.

Safe To Operate

Gas geysers are safe and easy to operate, even during loadshedding.

Easy Maintenance

The lifespan of a quality gas geyser can reach between 15-20 years and if properly maintained, there is little to no risk of your geyser bursting like with an electric geyser.


Modern day quality gas geysers are very efficient making them more eco-friendly and reducing your carbon footprint as water will only be heated when needed.

How Geysers Work

Please click on the link below to find out more on how a gas water heater works and find out all the advantages that a gas water heater offers!
How Does A Tankless Gas Water Heater Work

What Are You Waiting For?

Which package best suits your household?

Please note, Hotwater24 uses a wide range of different brands and sizes of gas geysers that will suit your specification!

How It Works

Step 1

Request quote

Provide us with detailed information about your property and we can generate a quick provisional quote for you.
Step 2
Site visit
We will send a qualified technician to your property to assess the installation requirements and provide a final quote.
Step 3
Final quote sign off
After receiving the final quote you can sign off and we can schedule the installation.
Step 4
Expert installation
Our qualified technicians will install your gas geyser and provide a certificate of compliance.
Step 5
Hot water 24/7
Enjoy hot water on demand and never worry about cold showers due to load shedding again, and save money while doing it.

Quality gas geysers

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With a commitment to quality and reliability, Dewhot's double testing policy ensures a satisfying customer experience.

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Rinnai is proud to be the No.1 choice for Continuous Flow Hot Water, so you will never run out of hot water.

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Paloma Gas Geysers is a trusted and well-established brand offering top-quality gas geysers for residential and commercial use.

Our Happy Customers

Phillip Erasmus

"Can surely recommend you! On time and quality installation. Follow up and keeping to commitments. Not something you see and hear about in these days. Thanks again."

Nish Govender

"Ronald from Hotwater24 offers exceptional front-end service. The advice offered to a first-time gas user is meticulous and informative."

Zama Mbatha

"Job well done to the Hotwater24 team, from beginning to end, they were very professional. I LOVE the fact that they were there throughout the process to give advice and help with the right products for our household. KUDOS to you guys."

Tersia Block

"Excellent service installation. From the first engagement with Ronald to the site visit and installation. Shane and Lamont were also very knowledgeable and professional. I am a very satisfied customer."

Safe and reliable installation by accredited professionals

Safety comes first! We work with our network of independent installers. All installers are certified and registered with the LPGas Association of South Africa. For safety and quality purposes of the installation work performed every installation comes with a CoC (Certificate of Compliance) to guarantee your safety!