Safe and reliableinstallations

Ensuring a safe and quality installation by a Certified LP Gas Installer is our top priority.

40+ years’ experience with gas

With over 40 years of experience in the Dutch gas installation business, we understand your need, especially in a time when energy costs are rising (and almost becomes unaffordable), and load shedding becomes a daily part of our lives

Cleaner energy source

We offer our clients a cleaner source of energy, namely gas. We do not only offer you a product that produces 45% less carbon dioxide than coal, but we also offer our expertise in recommending the best quality and safe product for your needs.

Full Service

We offer a one-stop-service for your entire gas water heating solution through our platform of independent and certified installers to ensure reliable and safe installations every day including ongoing maintenance.

Off-The-Grid Solutions

We also offer total off-the-grid solutions! Combining solar and gas for your total off-the-grid solution is the least expensive solution that will take your property completely off the grid and independent from Eskom.

Quality Products

We have partnered with the leading Continuous Flow Hot Water gas geyser suppliers that support South African climates, including Dewhot, Rinnai and Paloma. They are all trusted and well established brands, offering excellent product quality and product warranties.

We Make It Affordable

We also offer a payment plan giving you the opportunity to pay your gas geyser installation off over a period of 3 months.

Why Choose LPG?

LPG is a very safe and reliable source of energy, that can be used for cooking and heating. LPG has many advantages, to name a few:

Efficient Energy

It can be up to five times more efficient than traditional fuels, resulting in less energy wastage and better use of our planet’s resources.

Portable & Accessible

LPG is extremely versatile and portable. It can be transported using sea, rail or road transport. LPG can be accessible to everyone everywhere today without major infrastructure investment.


LPG is a clean burning fuel that is low carbon, emits virtually no black carbon and does not spill. Do you know that South Africa is amongst the most polluted countries in the world, this mainly due to the fact that electricity is still being generated through the use of coal. So it is time for us to act accordingly and reduce the CO2 footprint!

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Safe & reliable installations

Ensuring Safety and Quality with Certified LP Gas Installation Services

All our installers are certified and registered with the LPGas Association of South Africa for guaranteed safety.

The installation work undergoes thorough checking for compliance with current rules and regulations.

A Certificate of Compliance (CoC) is provided after every install, signed off between the installer and the client.

Quick and straightforward process: simply click the button, answer some questions, and we'll provide you with a quote for a reliable installation service.

The installation process will be organized and an installer will be assigned to your area for convenient service.

For your long-term needs, consider a service & maintenance contract with us, ensuring high-quality maintenance and best service at a fixed monthly price.